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UN sanctions on North Korea in place till denuclearisation achieved: Mike Pompeo

North Korea,North Korea denuclearisation,United States Its a complicated endeavour. But weve made incremental steps along the way, he said. Describing the meeting between the two Korean leaders as historic, he said it is the first time that North and South Korea have spoken about denuclearisation in a material way. They made a little bit of progress. Im hoping Ill be back in Pyongyang before too long to make some more progress; and if thats the case, Im very hopeful that Chairman Kim and President Trump will get a chance to meet in the near future as well, he said. Pompeo said that there are many conversations taking place across many different forums and venues, lots of discussions about how to move forward, and what are the right sets of next steps. But the end that we cant lose focus on, there are two UN Security Council resolutions that the whole world voted on, and they require the North Koreans to fully denuclearise. Thats the mission statement. Thats the presidents objective.

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Anti-viral vaccine stocks jump as MERS revisits Korea

Anti-viral vaccine stocks jump as MERS revisits Korea 2018.09.10 15:51:21 | 2018.09.10 15:53:51 Anti-viral vaccine stocks jump as MERS revisits Korea Infection isolation ward of Seoul National University Hospital where patient A is under isolation treatment on Sep, 9. [Photo by Han Joo-hyung] South Koreas travel and anti-viral vaccine stocks Monday showed mixed results after the news of the countrys first outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in three years and three months. Korean health authorities confirmed the first case of the infectious disease on Saturday. In the summer of 2015, fear gripped the nation as the virus claimed 38 lives. On Monday, most of travel and airline stocks stayed weak whereas anti-viral and personal hygiene stocks flied high throughout the session. Hana Tour and Mode Tour closed the day down more than 1 percent. Korean Air (-0.9 percent) and Asiana Airlines (-1.67 percent) lost around 1 percent, while budget airlines Jin Air (-2.2 percent) and Tway Air (-4.28 percent) were hit hard. In contrast, vaccine, pharmaceutical and mask manufacturers showed strong performance: GeneOne Life Science maintained its 30 percent higher start to the end of the session. Other strong performers include Cheil Bio (10.43 percent), Jinyang Pharm (10.51 percent), Ildong Pharm (1.79 percent) Eagle Vet (2.99 percent), SeouLin Bioscience (2.24 percent), Okong (30.00 percent) and Welcron (20.1 percent). The Korean health authorities said a 61-year-old Korean man was diagnosed with the MERS on Saturday, after returning from a business trip to Kuwait via Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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